Man by building

A local printer's rebellion against bad design and lousy customer service.

Building Together, a Stronger Community

Have you noticed that customer service isn't even close to what it used to be?

Are you concerned about credit card security when you order products online? Staying on hold forever waiting on a quote? Design quality is not what you’d expected?

Well, have we got good news for you!

You don't have to use an 800 number to call us because we're a locally owned business. We'd be happy to accept your credit card for payment, and your transactions here are 100% secure. Oh, and by the way, you're not an interruption of our work; you're the purpose of our work. In fact, we love it when you call us or stop in to visit. Every single customer is important to us. Here, you're not a number. You're a real person with a name.

We are truly grateful when you give us the chance to be a business partner and your printer. We want you to know that it's totally okay to have high expectations for customer service when you work with our printing firm.

So please... go ahead and call us.

Somebody nice will always answer.